About Us

We are a fresh but experienced disability provider with over 30 years of combined experience across all parts of the disability sector, we come together to bring our knowledge and strengths to Eloma Care

We are a registered disability provider but we’re so much more! We are the friend that will help you navigate the tricky NDIS world, the friend who will ensure you receive the best services but more importantly the friend who will always put you first.

We understand every individual is unique and we work with you to reach your goals. To us you’re not just a client, but a friend for life.

We pride ourselves on genuine care and a love for delighting our clients with a paramount customer-service focus. We know one size doesn’t fit all, and it shouldn’t! everybody is unique and we want to cater for that so every client lives their best life. 

Eloma Care is not your typical NDIS provider we are savvy, innovative and proud of the work we do. Our main focus and passion are to help you Thrive.

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Meet the team

The Eloma Care Executive Team have worked together for almost 10 years in the disability sector bringing a passionate, cohesive team of experience & success for thousands of clients.

The Eloma Care team values equal opportunity, integrity, passion, talent, experience & dedication above all.

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