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Club Eloma is a weekend social program that allows you to try new things or continue to enjoy the activities you love; no two weekends are the same!

Make new friends, explore new places or learn a new skill. Choose from a variety of activities such as day trips, explore museums, go fishing or watch the latest movie on the big screen the choice is yours.

Become the VIP in your adventures. Its your time to shine! 


Made new friends


Tried a new activity


Learnt new skill

Once you join Club Eloma you will

Get Exclusive Membership

All our activities are fun, safe and engaging for all levels and abilities, start to fill up your social calendar today.

  • Make great friends
  • Build confidence
  • Explore new destinations
  • Learn new skills
  • Meet people who have the same interest as you
  • Have fun and exciting stories to share with family and friends

Is Club Eloma for you?

  • Do you want to make new friends?
  • Do you love trying new things?
  • Do you enjoy weekend outings?
  • Do you want to improve your confidence?
  • Do you want to make lifelong memories?

If you answered yes, then you ready to join the fun!  Call us today 1300 764 355